Headache Center

Our Headache Center provides a treatment program designed to resolve headaches, facial pain, and head pain. 

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In our headache center we first confirm the type of headache you have. We often find patients have different types of headaches that overlap and can be resolved without the use of ongoing medications.

The unique identifying factors we use to diagnosis confirm the types of headaches you have ensure a high success rate.


The first stage of treatment stops the reaction of the nervous system and alleviates the headache pain. 


The second stage of the program treats and rehabilitates the underlying condition, which is the physical component. These two combined can effectively eliminate the conditions causing your headache or face pain. These two components work together to provide long-term headache relief.



The medical component uses diagnostic testing to make sure that you not only qualify for the treatment, but that we will find success. The data collected also helps identify obvious triggers of the headaches.

After the initial exam and consultation, the doctor will present you with a plan that will quickly alleviates your headache. Upon completion of any diagnostic testing a treatment plan with expectations will be given. Most patients find success with resolution within a few weeks.



The physical component of the Headache Program will evaluate the diagnostic test results, and your feedback to find biomechanical imbalances, or other physiological conditions to be addressed for long-term headache pain relief. These are commonly referred to as triggers.

This could include but not limited to, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, corrective ergonomic recommendations, manual therapy, diet modifications, and stress management therapy.



Headache relief will only be long term if the patient follows the entire program.
Some patients can sustain long-term headache relief after just 1 treatment; however the chance of a re-occurring headache or face pain episodes is much greater if the physical component is ignored. For those that have experienced chronic migraines or headaches for years may require additional treatments.a